Oil and Gas Taxes

The Legislative Budget and Audit Committee (LB&A) has the authority to hire consultants to educate and inform the Alaska State Legislature and the public on a variety of issues that are important to the State of Alaska’s budget and economy. Oil and gas revenues have played an integral part in the State of Alaska’s budget for many decades. On this page, you can find materials produced by the consultants hired by LB&A to review various tax regimes and proposals.

DateDocument TitleCommitteeIssueAuthorLegislatureFileFile Sizehf:doc_tags
2023-08-29Training: Fiscal Systems Seminar Day 2 - PMLB&AProposalsIN3NERGY33rd2 MBproposals
2023-08-29Training: Fiscal Systems Seminar Day 2 - AMLB&AProposalsIN3NERGY33rd9.1 MBproposals
2023-08-28Training: Fiscal Systems Seminar Day 1 - PMLB&AProposalsIN3NERGY33rd11.4 MBproposals
2023-08-28Training: Fiscal Systems Seminar Day 1 - AMLB&AProposalsIN3NERGY33rd14 MBproposals
2022-01-10Training: Petroleum IndustryLB&AProposalsIN3NERGY32nd5.48 MBproposals
2021-09-13Presentation: Assessment of Recent Trends in Upstream Oil & Gas and the State of Alaska's Competitive PositionLB&AProposalsGaffney Cline32nd438 KBproposals
2020-02-25Report: Analysis of Ballot Initiative 19OGTXLB&AProposalsIN3NERGY31st395.5 KBproposals
2020-02-26Presentation: Ballot Initiative 19OGTXHouse ResourcesProposalsIN3NERGY31st8.2 MBproposals
2020-03-02Report: Analysis of Ballot Initiative 19OGTXLB&AProposalsGaffney, Cline & Associates31st257.4 KBproposals
2020-01-22Oil and Gas Training 101LB&AProposalsIN3NERGY31st23.2 MBproposals
2020-01-23Oil and Gas Training 102LB&AProposalsIN3NERGY31st13.9 MBproposals
2020-01-27Presentation: Petroleum Fiscal PolicyHouse ResourcesProposalsIN3NERGY31st8.7 MBproposals
2020-02-18Questions for Discussion of BP/Hilcorp TransactionHouse ResourcesProposalsIN3NERGY31st1.8 MBproposals
2020-02-27Presentation: Petroleum Fiscal Regime PlanningHouse EnergyProposalsIN3NERGY31st8.4 MBproposals
2020-02-28Oil and Gas Training 103LB&AProposalsIN3NERGY31st10.8 MBproposals
2020-08-06BP-Hilcorp Transaction State Authority And Regulatory ProcessLB&AProposalsWeissler Consulting31st675.7 KBproposals
2015-01-27enalytica Special Report, Impact of Alaska Oil and Gas Production Tax Credits at Low Oil Prices, Jan 2015N/AProposalsenalytica29th354.0 KBproposals
2015-01-27enalytica, O&G Production Tax Credits for S FIN January 2015N/AProposalsenalytica29th375.7 KBproposals
2016-08-22Stratas-Analysis of Senate Bill 5005 - 2016 AugN/AProposalsStratas29th1.2 MBproposals
2016-02-25enalytica, HB 247 Overview H RES, February 25, 2106N/AProposalsenalytica29th598.9 KBproposals
2016-02-29enalytica, HB247 Overview - Cook Inlet, February 26, 2016N/AProposalsenalytica29th379.3 KBproposals
2016-04-01enalytica, HB 247: Key Issues & Assessment, April 1, 2016N/AProposalsenalytica29th1.6 MBproposals
2016-04-01enalytica, Oil & Gas Credits, April 2, 2016N/AProposalsenalytica29th1.3 MBproposals
2016-04-12enalytica, CS SB 130: Impact Analysis, April 12, 2016N/AProposalsenalytica29th368.5 KBproposals
2016-04-15enalytica, CS SB 130: Key Issues and Assessment, April 14, 2016N/AProposalsenalytica29th1.1 MBproposals
2017-02-22Rich Ruggiero Presentation To House Resources, February 20, 2017N/AProposalsCastle Gap30th5.0 MBproposals
2017-02-28Castle Gap Advisors Presentation To House Resources February 27, 2017N/AProposalsCastle Gap30th685.7 KBproposals
2017-03-02Castle Gap Advisors Presentation To House Resources March 1, 2017N/AProposalsCastle Gap30th133.6 KBproposals
2017-03-28Petroleum Fiscal Design Model Instructions, March 27, 2017N/AProposalsCastle Gap30th844.7 KBproposals
2017-04-11Petroleum Fiscal Design Model, March 27, 2017N/AProposalsCastle Gap30th139.6 KBproposals
2017-05-01Castle Gap Presentation To House Finance, March 23, 2017N/AProposalsCastle Gap30th1.5 MBproposals
2017-05-01Castle Gap Model Session House Finance, March 24, 2017N/AProposalsCastle Gap30th265.7 KBproposals
2017-05-01Castle Gap Understanding The Impact Of NOLs March 29, 2017N/AProposalsCastle Gap30th740.9 KBproposals
2017-05-17Evaluation of HB 111, April 15, 2017N/AProposalsRoger Marks30th1.8 MBproposals
2017-05-17Loss Recovery: Under SB 21 and Possible Modifications, April 19, 2017N/AProposalsRoger Marks30th117.9 KBproposals
2017-05-17Senate CS for CS for HB 111 (Ver C-P): Some Observations, April 27, 2017N/AProposalsRoger Marks30th301.7 KBproposals
2017-05-17HB 111 Hard Floor: Price Crossover Points Where Loss Recovery Begins, A Supplement to April 27 Presentation, April 28, 2017N/AProposalsRoger Marks30th99.3 KBproposals
2013-01-31PFC Senate TAPS Throughput CommitteeN/AProposalsJanak Mayer, Tony Reinsch28th5.3 MBproposals
2013-01-31PFC Senate Taps Throughput Committee SupplementN/AProposalsJanak Mayer, Tony Reinsch28th5.5 MBproposals
2013-02-06PFC Energy - Senate Resources CommitteeN/AProposalsTony Reinsch28th3.7 MBproposals
2013-02-15PFC Energy - Senate Resources CommitteeN/AProposalsJanak Mayer28th2.8 MBproposals
2013-02-15PFC Energy - House Resources CommitteeHouse ResourcesProposalsJanak Mayer28th3.4 MBproposals
2013-02-22PFC Energy - Senate Resources CommitteeN/AProposalsJanak Mayer28th7.0 MBproposals
2013-03-17PFC Energy - Senate Finance CommitteeN/AProposalsJanak Mayer28th674.3 KBproposals
2013-03-04PFC Energy - Senate Finance CommitteeN/AProposalsJanak Mayer28th5.3 MBproposals
2013-04-02PFC Energy - Senate Finance CommitteeN/AProposalsJanak Mayer, Tony Reinsch28th1.2 MBproposals
2013-03-25PFC Energy - House Resources CommitteeHouse ResourcesProposalsJanak Mayer28th1.3 MBproposals
2013-04-02PFC Energy - House Resources CommitteeHouse ResourcesProposalsJanak Mayer28th3.4 MBproposals
2013-04-13PFC Energy - HCS SB21 Government Take Competitiveness SlidesN/AProposalsPFC Energy28th426.6 KBproposals
2013-04-06PFC Energy - House Finance CommitteeHouse ResourcesProposalsJanak Mayer28th1.9 MBproposals
2012-02-17PFC Energy - Senate Resources CommitteeN/AProposalsTony Reinsch27th898.3 KBproposals
2012-02-16PFC Energy - Senate Resources CommitteeN/AProposalsTony Reinsch27th2.6 MBproposals
2012-02-27PFC Energy Requested Additional Analysis - Senate Resources CommitteeN/AProposalsJanak Mayer27th746.6 KBproposals
2012-02-27PFC Energy CSSB192 Analysis and Ammendments - Senate Resources CommitteeSenate ResourcesProposalsJanak Mayer27th928.3 KBproposals
2012-03-06PFC Energy B9 Analysis - Senate Resources CommitteeN/AProposalsJanak Mayer27th674.9 KBproposals
2012-03-15PFC Energy - Senate Finance CommitteeN/AProposalsGerald Kepes27th5.5 MBproposals
2012-03-23PFC Energy - Senate Finance CommitteeN/AProposalsJanak Mayer27th802.5 KBproposals
2012-03-22PFC Energy - Senate Finance CommitteeN/AProposalsJanak Mayer27th1.5 MBproposals
2012-03-29PFC Energy - Senate Finance CommitteeN/AProposalsJanak Mayer27th478.1 KBproposals
2012-03-27PFC Energy - Senate Finance CommitteeN/AProposalsJanak Mayer27th586.1 KBproposals
2012-03-30PFC Energy - Senate Finance CommitteeN/AProposalsJanak Mayer27th844.4 KBproposals
2012-04-03PFC Energy - Senate Finance CommitteeN/AProposalsJanak Mayer27th332.2 KBproposals
2012-04-04PFC Energy (morning presentation) - Senate Finance CommitteeN/AProposalsJanak Mayer27th262.3 KBproposals
2012-04-04PFC Energy (afternoon presentation) - Senate Finance CommitteeN/AProposalsJanak Mayer27th302.2 KBproposals
2012-04-05PFC Energy - Senate Finance CommitteeN/AProposalsJanak Mayer27th430.8 KBproposals
2012-04-09PFC Energy - Senate Finance CommitteeN/AProposalsJanak Mayer27th586.5 KBproposals
2012-04-10PFC Energy - Senate Finance CommitteeN/AProposalsJanak Mayer27th703.4 KBproposals
2012-04-11PFC Energy - Senate Finance CommitteeN/AProposalsJanak Mayer27th398.9 KBproposals
2012-04-20PFC Energy - Senate Resources CommitteeN/AProposalsJanak Mayer27th196.9 KBproposals
2012-04-12PFC Energy - Senate Finance CommitteeN/AProposalsJanak Mayer27th324.0 KBproposals
2012-04-21PFC Energy - House Resources CommitteeHouse ResourcesProposalsTony Reinsch27th6.0 MBproposals
2012-04-21PFC Energy (revised) - House Resources CommitteeHouse ResourcesProposalsTony Reinsch27th6.0 MBproposals
2012-04-23PFC Energy - House Resources CommitteeHouse ResourcesProposalsJanak Mayer27th1.0 MBproposals
2012-04-24PFC Energy - Senate Resources CommitteeN/AProposalsJanak Mayer27th804.1 KBproposals
2012-06-30PFC Energy Post Session Responses - House Resources CommitteeHouse ResourcesProposalsJanak Mayer27th1.1 MBproposals
2014-04-08Senate Resources - Modeling Government Take under SB 192N/AProposalsJanak Mayer & Nikos Tsafos28th1.7 MBproposals
2011-11-02Wood Mackenzie, Petroleum Economics & Fiscal Systems Training Course, Key FindingsN/AProposalsDr. David Wood30th129.7 KBproposals
2014-04-08Senate Resources - SB 192N/AProposalsJanak Mayer & Nikos Tsafos28th153.4 KBproposals
2011-12-06Van Meurs Seminar Day One, World Rating of Oil and Gas TermsN/AProposalsPedro van Meurs29th2.3 MBproposals
2011-12-07Van Meurs Seminar Day Two, Oil and Gas Fiscal Policy Options For AlaskaN/AProposalsPedro van Meurs28th2.5 MBproposals
2012-02-13Van Meurs Addendum 1 - Senate Finance CommitteeN/AProposalsPedro van Meurs27th443.4 KBproposals
2012-02-13Van Meurs Addendum 2 - Senate Finance CommitteeN/AProposalsPedro van Meurs27th307.2 KBproposals
2012-02-13Van Meurs Addendum 1a - Senate Finance CommitteeN/AProposalsPedro van Meurs27th899.6 KBproposals
2012-02-13Van Meurs Presentation - Senate Finance CommitteeN/AProposalsPedro van Meurs27th3.6 MBproposals
2006-02-14Van Meurs Proposal For A Profit Based TaxN/AACESPedro van Meurs25th1.1 MBaces
2006-03-05Van Meurs Progressive FeatureN/AACESPedro van Meurs25th99.3 KBaces
2006-04-17Van Meurs Economic Analysis Of ASGFCN/AACESPedro van Meurs25th756.1 KBaces
2006-04-22Johnston DOR Alaska Oil Tax LegislationN/AACESDaniel Johnston25th343.6 KBaces
2006-05-01Van Meurs Revenue Exclusion AnalysisN/AACESPedro van Meurs25th26.0 KBaces
2006-08-05Van Meurs Enhancement Of The Gross Character PowerpointN/AACESPedro van Meurs25th37.9 KBaces
2006-08-08Van Meurs Disallowing Deemed Capital Maintenance CostsN/AACESPedro van Meurs25th19.4 KBaces
2008-02-01Dan Dickinson SB 242N/AProposalsDan Dickinson25th137.5 KBproposals
2007-08-03OOG Powerpoint Implementation ReportN/AACESOffice of the Governor25th53.9 KBaces
2007-09-04OOG Powerpoint Press Conference DocumentsN/AACESOffice of the Governor25th124.3 KBaces
2007-09-04OOG Powerpoint Press Conference Documents (in full)N/AACESOffice of the Governor25th6.5 MBaces
2007-10-01Dickinson & Porter Sectional AnalysisN/AACESDan Dickinson, Steve Porter25th128.9 KBaces
2007-09-04OOG Special Session ProclamationN/AACESGov. Sarah Palin25th68.1 KBaces
2007-10-01DOR Sectional AnalysisN/AACESDan Dickinson, Steve Porter25th89.5 KBaces
2007-10-03Dickinson Revenue Estimate ReportN/AACESDan Dickinson25th89.3 KBaces
2007-10-05Bullock SectionalN/AACESDon Bullock25th3.5 MBaces
2007-10-08Dickinson Matrix SummaryN/AACESDan Dickinson25th12.9 KBaces
2007-10-05Bullock Sectional Analysis Summary of Governor's Oil and Gas Tax BillN/AACESDon Bullock25th887.3 KBaces
2007-10-11Rep. Gara Communication With DOR On "Government Take"N/AACESRep. Les Gara25th555.4 KBaces
2007-10-08DOR Response To French GaraN/AACESMichael Williams25th95.2 KBaces
2007-10-08Dickinson Matrix DetailN/AACESDan Dickinson25th21.1 KBaces
2007-10-12OOG New Field Investment ClimateN/AACESOffice of the Governor25th6.7 MBaces
2007-10-12OOG North Slope Oil And Gas FieldsN/AACESOffice of the Governor25th1.0 MBaces
2007-10-12OOG What Is ACESN/AACESOffice of the Governor25th6.7 MBaces
2007-10-12OOG: Alaska is a Strong Global Competitor 1NoneACESOffice of the Governor25th6.8 MBaces
2007-10-12OOG ACES Overview Handout 2NoneACESOffice of the Governor25th2.8 MBaces
2007-10-12Samuels Process Memo LBA ConsultantsNoneACESRep. Ralph Samuels25th31.0 KBaces
2007-10-12OOG: Alaska is a Strong Global Competitor 2NoneACESOffice of the Governor25th6.7 MBaces
2007-10-12OOG Clear Tools 2NoneACESOffice of the Governor25th6.7 MBaces
2007-10-12OOG Community BriefingNoneACESOffice of the Governor25th367.2 KBaces
2007-10-12OOG Equitable Share Slide 1NoneACESOffice of the Governor25th6.7 MBaces
2007-10-12OOG Mature Field Investment ClimateNoneACESOffice of the Governor25th6.7 MBaces
2007-10-16Samuels Cover Page LBA QuestionsNoneACESRep. Ralph Samuels25th22.8 KBaces
2007-10-17Samuels Data Request To DORNoneACESRep. Ralph Samuels25th22.5 KBaces
2007-10-16Legislative Finance Review Of Governor's ACES BillNoneACESDavid Teal25th40.1 KBaces
2007-10-16Samuels Data Request To DORNoneACESRep. Ralph Samuels25th26.9 KBaces
2007-10-17DOR Letter To Rep. Doogan QuestionsNoneACESPat Galvin25th370.7 KBaces
2007-10-17DOR Response To Senator TherriaultNoneACESMarcia Davis25th145.1 KBaces
2007-10-18Bullock Leg. Legal Sectional Analysis Of ACES Part 2NoneACESDon Bullock25th140.4 KBaces
2007-10-18Van Meurs PresentationNoneACESPedro van Meurs25th72.3 KBaces
2007-10-18Bullock Leg. Legal Sectional Analysis Of ACES Part 1NoneACESDon Bullock25th755.9 KBaces
2007-10-18DOR ACES PresentationNoneACESDepartment of Revenue25th435.4 KBaces
2007-10-18Johnston March 2006NoneACESDaniel Johnston25th280.0 KBaces
2007-10-19DOR Response To 10-17-07 LB&A Data RequestNoneACESpat galvin25th50.8 KBaces
2007-10-19Bullock Sectional Summary Hb2001 For House Oil and GasNoneACESDon Bullock25th877.8 KBaces
2007-10-19AK Journal of Commerce Article Distributed At House Oil and GasNoneACESTim Bradner25th2.6 MBaces
2007-10-20Dickinson Porter Revised SectionalNoneACESDan Dickinson25th14.5 KBaces
2007-10-20PFC Government Take 2NoneACESTorsten Wucherpfennig25th5.8 MBaces
2007-10-19Johnston Work SessionNoneACESDaniel Johnston25th116.4 KBaces
2007-10-19Gaffney Cline Memo On Oil and Gas Reporting & Disclosure In Selected CountriesNoneACESWilliam Cline, Peter Gaffney25th376.6 KBaces
2007-10-20Samuels Data Request To DORNoneACESRep. Ralph Samuels25th23.9 KBaces
2007-10-20DOR Comparable Salaries StudyNoneACESNels Tomlinson25th804.8 KBaces
2007-10-20DOR Total Oil Revenue FY06, Forecasted FY07-08NoneACESDepartment of Revenue25th53.0 KBaces
2007-10-20DOR Williams ACES PresentationNoneACESMichael Williams25th786.2 KBaces
2007-10-20DOR Roger Marks ACES PresentationNoneACESRoger Marks25th379.0 KBaces
2007-10-20Gaffney Cline Oil and Gas Reporting, Disclosure In Selected CountriesNoneACESWilliam Cline, Peter Gaffney25th805.5 KBaces
2007-10-20Gaffney Cline Oil Company Capital SpendNoneACESWilliam Cline, Peter Gaffney25th1.8 MBaces
2007-10-21Samuels Data Request To DORNoneACESRep. Ralph Samuels25th22.7 KBaces
2007-10-21DNR Banks Final Revised 2NoneACESKevin Banks25th119.4 KBaces
2007-10-21DNR Banks Letter Re: Presentation to Senate Resources and House Oil and Gas CommitteesNoneACESKevin Banks25th252.3 KBaces
2007-10-21DOR Costs PresentationNoneACESDepartment of Revenue25th209.1 KBaces
2007-10-21DOR Intro & Equal Value For Explorers To House OilgasNoneACESDepartment of Revenue25th85.2 KBaces
2007-10-21DOR What is ACESNoneACESOffice of the Governor25th96.9 KBaces
2007-10-21ACES Preserves Investment Climate Finizza FinalNoneACESAnthony Finizza, Ph. D.25th561.0 KBaces
2007-10-21Gaffney Cline Payout Timing Of TakeNoneACESWilliam Cline, Peter Gaffney25th52.2 KBaces
2007-10-21DNR Comm. Irwin Testimony To Joint CommitteeNoneACESCommissioner Irwin25th42.6 KBaces
2007-10-21A Topical Analysis of the ACES Bill - Mintz SectionalNoneACESRobert Mintz25th503.2 KBaces
2007-10-22Porter Handout Senate Resource CommitteeNoneACESSteven Porter25th58.2 KBaces
2007-10-22Porter Notes Senate Resource CommitteeNoneACESSteven Porter25th189.8 KBaces
2007-10-22Anchorage Chamber Of CommerceNoneACESKathleen Porterfield25th35.1 KBaces
2007-10-22BP Presentation on HB2001 to House Oil and GasNoneACESClaire Fitzpatrick, Mike Utsler25th7.2 MBaces
2007-10-22Thompson Brooks Range Petroleum Presentation To House Oil and GasNoneACESKen Thompson25th120.7 KBaces
2007-10-22Thompson Brooks Range Petroleum Testimony House Finance CommitteeNoneACESKen Thompson25th150.4 KBaces
2007-10-22Bullock Leg. Legal To Sen. French On Civil Penalties On Failing To Produce InfoNoneACESDon Bullock25th217.1 KBaces
2007-10-22Conoco Phillips Presentation To House Oil and GasNoneACESKevin Mitchell, Jim Taylor25th1.7 MBaces
2007-10-22Dan Dickinson Presentation To Senate Resources Committee Part ANoneACESDan Dickinson25th171.9 KBaces
2007-10-22Dan Dickinson Presentation To Senate Resources Part BNoneACESDan Dickinson25th119.4 KBaces
2007-10-23Pioneer Presentation To House Oil and GasNoneACESPioneer25th1.6 MBaces
2007-10-23Pioneer Presentation To Senate Resource CommitteeNoneACESPioneer25th1.6 MBaces
2007-10-23Samuels Data Request To DORNoneACESRep. Ralph Samuels25th24.3 KBaces
2007-10-23Alliance Testimony To Senate Resource CommitteeNoneACESPaul Laird25th175.5 KBaces
2007-10-23Anadarko Presentation To House Oil and GasNoneACESAnadarko25th1.6 MBaces
2007-10-23AOGA Testimony To House Oil and Gas FinalNoneACESMarilyn Crockett25th249.2 KBaces
2007-10-23AOGA Testimony To House Oil On HB2001 102307 Final CorrectedNoneACESMarilyn Crockett25th249.8 KBaces
2007-10-23Dan Dickinson Presentation To House Oil and GasNoneACESDan Dickinson25th258.1 KBaces
2007-10-23DOR Memo To All Legislators North Slope ProductionNoneACESMarcia Davis25th31.4 KBaces
2007-10-23DOR Petroleum Review 2005-2008, DOR Response To Sen. HugginsNoneACESJennifer Duval25th35.6 KBaces
2007-10-23Exxon Mobil Presentation To House Oil and GasNoneACESCraig Haymes25th89.0 KBaces
2007-10-23Exxon Mobil Handout 1 House Oil and GasNoneACESExxon Mobil25th5.8 MBaces
2007-10-23Exxon Mobil Handout 2 House Oil and GasNoneACESExxon Mobil25th3.3 MBaces
2007-10-24AK State ChamberNoneACESWayne Stevens25th161.6 KBaces
2007-10-24AOGA Letter Correcting 10-23-07 Testimony To House Oil and GasNoneACESMarilyn Crockett25th84.0 KBaces
2007-10-24AOGA Letter Of Correction To Senate Resources CommitteeNoneACESMarilyn Crockett25th17.4 KBaces
2007-10-24AOGA Testimony To Senate Resouces Committee 10-23-07 CorrectedNoneACESMarilyn Crockett25th113.8 KBaces
2007-10-24BP Presentation on SB2001 to Senate Resources CommitteeNoneACESClaire Fitzpatrick, Mike Utsler25th7.2 MBaces
2007-10-24Conoco Phillips Testiomony To Senate Resources CommitteeNoneACESKevin Mitchell, Jim Taylor25th2.1 MBaces
2007-10-24Public Testimony House Oil and Gas Dompeling & McCutcheonNoneACESEric Dompeling25th129.3 KBaces
2007-10-24DOR To All Legislators On Cap Spending North SlopeNoneACESDepartment of Revenue25th12.3 KBaces
2007-10-24DOR Cover Memo To All Legislators On Cap Spending North SlopeNoneACESMarcia Davis25th75.2 KBaces
2007-10-24Shields NW Technical Services Public TestimonyNoneACESMary Shields25th203.0 KBaces
2007-10-25Port Of Anchorage House Economic Development, Trade and Tourism Special CommitteeNoneACESPort of Anchorage25th4.0 MBaces
2007-10-25BP NewsNoneACESBP25th313.9 KBaces
2007-10-25Bradner Presentation Oil and Gas - House Economic Development, Trade and Tourism Special CommitteeNoneACESTim Bradner25th11.6 KBaces
2007-10-25Carr AK Railroad Presentation House Economic Development, Trade & Tourism Special CommitteeNoneACESBruce Carr25th24.3 KBaces
2007-10-25Dickinson Analysis Of 800 Million For Senate Resources CommitteeNoneACESDan Dickinson25th18.6 KBaces
2007-10-25DOL Spencer Hosie Memo Distributed By DOR To All LegislatorsNoneACESMarcia Davis25th287.1 KBaces
2007-10-25Exxon Mobil Testimony To Senate Resources CommitteeNoneACESCraig Haymes25th88.9 KBaces
2007-10-25Goldsmith Presentation House Economic Development, Trade and Tourism Special CommitteeNoneACESProf. Scott Goldsmith25th750.9 KBaces
2007-10-26AEDC Presentation House Economic Development, Trade and Tourism Special CommitteeNoneACESAnchorage Economic Development Corporation25th1.1 MBaces
2007-10-26DOL Presentation House Economic Development, Trade and Tourism Special CommitteeNoneACESNeal Fried25th230.7 KBaces
2007-10-26DOR To All Legislators Alberta New Royalty FramworkNoneACESPremier Ed Stelmach25th936.2 KBaces
2007-10-26DOR To All Legislators Alberta New Royalty FrameworkNoneACESMarcia Davis25th75.0 KBaces
2007-10-27Van Meurs Basic Production TaxNoneACESPedro van Meurs25th71.6 KBaces
2007-10-27Van Meurs Gas Pipeline Not EconomicNoneACESPedro van Meurs25th115.4 KBaces
2007-10-27DOR Response To Rep. RamrasNoneACESMarcia Davis25th1.9 MBaces
2007-10-28Porter Public Ppt ACES Model House Oil and GasNoneACESSteven Porter25th118.4 KBaces
2007-10-28Dan Dickinson Progressivity Model House Oil and GasNoneACESDan Dickinson25th17.3 KBaces
2007-10-28Dickinson Alleviate High Alaskan Energy Costs For Rep. Samuels House Oil and GasNoneACESDan Dickinson25th17.8 KBaces
2007-10-28Doogan 10 Impossible Things House Oil and GasNoneACESRep. Mike Doogan25th46.9 KBaces
2007-10-28Econ One Summary Of PPT AlternativesNoneACESEcon One25th11.5 KBaces
2007-10-28House Special Committee on Oil and Gas - Sectional for HB2001(O&G)KNoneACESRep. Kurt Olson25th69.3 KBaces
2007-10-29AOGA Actual vs. Reasonable Costs - Senate Judiciary CommitteeNoneACESThomas Williams25th33.4 KBaces
2007-10-29AOGA Penalties/ Qui Tam Senate Judiciary CommitteeNoneACESThomas Williams25th46.1 KBaces
2007-10-29AOGA Personnel Issues Auditors Sen JudNoneACESThomas Williams25th19.6 KBaces
2007-10-29AOGA Prudent Use Of Operators Billings Sen. JudNoneACESAOGA25th102.9 KBaces
2007-10-29AOGA Tax Credits Sen JudNoneACESAOGA25th34.5 KBaces
2007-10-29DOR Interest And Penalty Primer Sen JudNoneACESDepartment of Revenue25th15.0 KBaces
2007-10-29LAA Overview CSHB2001 Oil and Gas For Rep. GattoNoneACESDon Bullock25th120.2 KBaces
2007-10-30AOGA Corrosion Sen JudNoneACESThomas Williams25th21.4 KBaces
2007-10-30AOGA Credit Buyback Fund Sen JudNoneACESThomas Williams25th23.6 KBaces
2007-10-30AOGA Gross V Net Graph Sen JudNoneACESAOGA25th113.7 KBaces
2007-10-30AOGA Gross V Net Sen JudNoneACESThomas Williams25th37.2 KBaces
2007-10-30AOGA Progressivity Sen JudNoneACESThomas Williams25th21.4 KBaces
2007-10-30Dan Dickinson To House Resources Committee On ProgressivityNoneACESDan Dickinson25th24.2 KBaces
2007-10-30DNR Antony Scott Transportation Issues To Senate JudNoneACESDepartment of Natural Resources25th370.9 KBaces
2007-10-30Gaffney Cline Model BP Drill Program Scenario House Resources CommitteeNoneACESWilliam Cline, Peter Gaffney25th117.2 KBaces
2007-10-30Gaffney Cline Presentation House Oil and GasNoneACESWilliam Cline, Peter Gaffney25th410.0 KBaces
2007-10-31AOGA Topic Of Floor Senate Judiciary CommitteeNoneACESThomas Williams25th78.3 KBaces
2007-10-31BP Presentation on HB2001 to House Resources CommitteeNoneACESClaire Fitzpatrick, Bernard Hajny25th2.7 MBaces
2007-10-31Conoco Phillips Presentation House Resources CommitteeNoneACESKevin Mitchell, Jim Taylor25th1.2 MBaces
2007-10-31DNR Alternative Tax Credits House Resources CommitteeNoneACESKurt Gibson, Julie Houle25th631.1 KBaces
2007-10-31DNR Div. Of Oil and Gas Organization Chart House Resources CommitteeNoneACESDNR-Division of Oil and Gas25th791.0 KBaces
2007-10-31ACES DOR Galvin To Senate Judiciary CommitteeNoneACESPat Galvin25th486.1 KBaces
2007-10-31DOR Tax Division Organization Chart House Resources CommitteeNoneACESDOR-Tax Division25th854.6 KBaces
2007-10-31Rep. Gara Communication With DOR On 2006 Profit Margins Of Conoco & BPNoneACESRichard Tremaine25th284.4 KBaces
2007-10-31Gaffney Cline Presentation Sen JudNoneACESWilliam Cline, Peter Gaffney25th342.4 KBaces
2007-11-01Anadarko Presentation To House Resources CommitteeNoneACESAnadarko25th1.5 MBaces
2007-11-01AOGA Testimony To House Resources CommitteeNoneACESMarilyn Crockett25th96.6 KBaces
2007-11-01DOR Memo To All Legislators On Heavy OilNoneACESMarcia Davis25th2.2 MBaces
2007-11-02BP Response To House Resources CommitteeNoneACESClaire Fitzpatrick25th13.4 MBaces
2007-11-02Dan Dickinson To House Resprogressivity In Cshb2001 Oil and GasNoneACESDan Dickinson25th34.2 KBaces
2007-11-02DOR The Credit Story House Resources CommitteeNoneACESDepartment of Revenue25th53.6 KBaces
2007-11-02DOR Transportation Deductions House Resources CommitteeNoneACESDepartment of Revenue25th370.2 KBaces
2007-11-02DOTPF Letter To DOR On Dalton Highway Maintenance CostsNoneACESJohn MacKinnon25th1.2 MBaces
2007-11-02Econ One Report On Production Cost IncreasesNoneACESEcon One25th205.0 KBaces
2007-11-04DOR Memo Errors In Fiscal Note Given To House Finance CommitteeNoneACESJerry Burnett25th209.4 KBaces
2007-11-05DOR Response To LB&A Data RequestsNoneACESMarcia Davis25th197.0 KBaces
2007-11-05Gaffney Cline Presentation To Senate Finance Committee RevisedNoneACESWilliam Cline, Peter Gaffney25th101.2 KBaces
2007-11-06Gaffney Cline Presentation To Senate Finance Committee RevisedNoneACESWilliam Cline, Peter Gaffney25th111.6 KBaces
2007-11-07Dan Dickinson Matrix Summary House Finance Committee CorrectedNoneACESDan Dickinson25th46.0 KBaces
2007-11-07DOR NS Crude Oil and Natural Gas Liquids Production Forecast To Senate Finance CommitteeNoneACESDepartment of Revenue25th33.7 KBaces
2007-11-07Econ One Production Cost Increases To Senate Finance CommitteeNoneACESEcon One25th150.1 KBaces
2007-11-07Gaffney Cline Presentation To House Finance CommitteeNoneACESWilliam Cline, Peter Gaffney25th701.8 KBaces
2007-11-08Pioneer Natural Res Presentation To House Finance CommitteeNoneACESPioneer25th480.9 KBaces
2007-11-08AOGA Testimony House Finance CommitteeNoneACESMarilyn Crockett25th55.8 KBaces
2007-11-08BP Presentation on HB2001CS To House Finance CommitteeNoneACESClaire Fitzpatrick, Bernard Hajny25th308.6 KBaces
2007-11-08BP Presentation on SB2001CS to Senate Finance CommitteeNoneACESClaire Fitzpatrick, Bernard Hajny25th308.9 KBaces
2007-11-08Chevron Presentation To House & Senate Finance CommitteeNoneACESJohn Zager25th40.9 KBaces
2007-11-08Conoco Phillips Presentation To House Finance CommitteeNoneACESKevin Mitchell, Jim Taylor25th21.3 KBaces
2007-11-08Conoco Phillips Presentation To Senate Finance CommitteeNoneACESKevin Mitchell, Jim Taylor25th21.2 KBaces
2007-11-08DOR ACES Bill Version ComparisonsNoneACESDepartment of Revenue25th39.3 KBaces
2007-11-08Econ One Additional Comparison Charts For House Finance CommitteeNoneACESEcon One25th32.9 KBaces
2007-11-08Econ One Additional Comparison Charts For House Finance CommitteeNoneACESEcon One25th32.9 KBaces
2007-11-08Econ One Estimated Financial Impacts House Finance CommitteeNoneACESEcon One25th54.0 KBaces
2007-11-08Econ One Tax Rates & Progressivity Presentation Senate Finance CommitteeNoneACESEcon One25th116.0 KBaces
2007-11-08Exxon Mobil Presentation House Finance CommitteeNoneACESCraig Haymes25th50.1 KBaces
2007-11-08Exxon Mobil Presentation Senate Finance CommitteeNoneACESCraig Haymes25th50.2 KBaces
2007-11-08Exxon Mobil Testimony To House Finance CommitteeNoneACESCraig Haymes25th117.2 KBaces
2007-11-08Exxon Mobil Testimony To Senate Finance CommitteeNoneACESCraig Haymes25th127.3 KBaces
2007-11-08Gaffney Cline Memo Oil and Gas Report & Disclosure In Selected Countries Distributed By DORNoneACESWilliam Cline, Peter Gaffney25th376.6 KBaces
2007-11-09AOGA Testimony To Senate Finance CommitteeNoneACESMarilyn Crockett25th163.3 KBaces
2007-11-09CIRI Letter To Speaker HarrisNoneACESKeith Sanders25th94.7 KBaces
2007-11-09Dan Dickinson Summary Comparison House Finance CommitteeNoneACESDan Dickinson25th25.5 KBaces
2007-11-09Econ One Additional Comparison Charts For House Finance CommitteeNoneACESEcon One25th1.6 MBaces
2007-11-09Econ One Additional Comparison Charts For Rep. Gara In House Finance CommitteeNoneACESEcon One25th1.6 MBaces
2007-11-09Gaffney Cline Presentation To Senate Finance CommitteeNoneACESWilliam Cline, Peter Gaffney25th609.3 KBaces
2007-11-10CERA: A Comparison Of Fiscal Regimes - Senate Finance CommitteeNoneACESCambridge Energy Research Associates25th632.3 KBaces
2007-11-10CERA: A Comparison Of Fiscal Regimes - Senate Finance CommitteeNoneACESCambridge Energy Research Associates25th632.3 KBaces
2007-11-10Econ One Additional Charts Requested By Sen. FrenchNoneACESEcon One25th33.1 KBaces
2007-11-11Dickinson Matrix Summary Ppt ACES House Finance CommitteeNoneACESDan Dickinson25th48.0 KBaces
2007-11-12Porter Total Revenue Presentation To Senate Finance CommitteeNoneACESSteven Porter25th74.9 KBaces
2007-11-12Wood Mackenzie Gov. Take Special Focus AlaskaNoneACESDr. David Wood25th708.5 KBaces
2007-11-12Wood Mackenzie Letter To Rep. SamuelsNoneACESDr. David Wood25th69.2 KBaces
2007-11-12Dickinson Summary Comparison For Senate Finance CommitteeNoneACESDan Dickinson25th95.1 KBaces
2007-11-12Econ One Comparison Charts For Senate Finance CommitteeNoneACESEcon One25th61.7 KBaces
2007-11-12Leg. Finance Presentation For Senate Finance CommitteeNoneACESDavid Teal25th63.2 KBaces
2007-11-13Econ One Comparison Charts Senate Finance CommitteeNoneACESEcon One25th86.7 KBaces
2007-11-13Leg. Finance HB2001 Revised Analysis For Senate FinanceNoneACESDavid Teal25th83.0 KBaces
2007-11-14Porter Total Revenue Share Presentation To Senate Finance Committee CorrectedNoneACESSteven Porter25th75.6 KBaces
2007-11-14Dickinson Illustration of Senate Finance CommitteeNoneACESDan Dickinson25th51.0 KBaces
2007-11-14Dickinson Summary Comparison MatrixNoneACESDan Dickinson25th3.5 MBaces
2007-11-14Dickinson Proposed CS Illustrated For Senate Finance CommitteeNoneACESDan Dickinson25th2.3 MBaces
2007-11-14Gaffney Cline Presentation To Senate Finance CommitteeNoneACESWilliam Cline, Peter Gaffney25th220.5 KBaces
2007-11-15Econ One Additional Charts Requested By Sen StedmanNoneACESEcon One25th4.4 MBaces
2007-11-16Dickinson Compare MatrixNoneACESDan Dickinson25th3.3 MBaces