Legislative Finance Division

The Legislative Finance Division (LFD) is one of the two non-partisan permanent staff agencies established by statute that report to the Legislative Budget and Audit Committee (LB&A). LFD provides non-partisan budgetary and fiscal analysis to the Alaska State Legislature. LFD supports the finance committees in both bodies during the development of the state’s budget by providing accurate, relevant and objective information and analysis so lawmakers can make budgetary decisions. LFD operates under a policy of confidentiality in all budget work and personal information requests by legislators and aides are confidential until released by the requestor or discussed at a public meeting.

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RPL Process

An important budgetary function of LB&A is the process to revise budget items as provided for in AS 37.07.080 (h). When additional federal or program receipts are received, the governor submits an RPL (Revised Program – Legislative) to LB&A through the Office of Management and Budget. LFD provides the committee with support analyzing the RPL. The governor must then wait for 45 days, unless LB&A approves the RPL sooner. If LB&A votes against approving the RPL, the governor must provide LB&A with a statement of why they are choosing to move forward with the RPL against the committee’s recommendation.

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