The Legislative Budget and Audit Committee (LB&A) has the authority to hire consultants to educate and inform the Alaska State Legislature and the public on a variety of issues that are important to the State of Alaska’s budget and economy. Throughout the years, the Alaska State Legislature has considered various issues of major budgetary importance, including changes to the state tax code, state education funding, pensions, and others. On this page, you can find materials produced by the consultants hired by LB&A to review these matters, as well as various other issues that affect the State of Alaska’s budget.

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2009-01-12Dickinson and Wood Deferred FollowupDan Dickinson, Dr. David WoodFiscalDownload pdf215.9 KBfiscal-issuesfiscal
2009-01-12Some 2009 Oil Price Forecasts DickinsonDan DickinsonFiscalDownload pdf93.3 KBfiscal-issuesfiscal
2009-01-12Roundtable ExampleDan DickinsonFiscalDownload pdf48.1 KBfiscal-issuesfiscal
2009-01-12Dickinson FollowupDan DickinsonFiscalDownload pdf188.2 KBfiscal-issuesfiscal
2008-12-16Wood Letter to Rep. SamuelsDr. David WoodFiscalDownload pdf72.6 KBfiscal-issuesfiscal
2008-12-10Dan Dickinson Presentation AdditionalDan DickinsonFiscalDownload pdf91.6 KBfiscal-issuesfiscal
2008-12-09Wood 6-0 BibliographyDr. David WoodFiscalDownload pdf154.8 KBfiscal-issuesfiscal
2009-01-09Wood ReponsesDr. David WoodFiscalDownload pdf582.3 KBfiscal-issuesfiscal
2008-12-09Wood 5-0 ConclusionsDr. David WoodFiscalDownload pdf169.8 KBfiscal-issuesfiscal
2008-12-09Wood 4-6 Alaska Gas Progessivity Tax - Alternative Potential MechanismsDr. David WoodFiscalDownload pdf3.0 MBfiscal-issuesfiscal
2008-12-09Wood 4-5 Sensitivity Analysis Prices Yields CostsDr. David WoodFiscalDownload pdf903.3 KBfiscal-issuesfiscal
2008-12-09Wood 4-4 Base Case Model Fiscal Performance Of TypesDr. David WoodFiscalDownload pdf546.2 KBfiscal-issuesfiscal
2008-12-09Wood 4-3 Model Assumptions and SensitivitiesDr. David WoodFiscalDownload pdf465.9 KBfiscal-issuesfiscal
2008-12-09Wood 4-2 Characteristics Of Ten Hypothetical Gas and Oil FieldsDr. David WoodFiscalDownload pdf502.4 KBfiscal-issuesfiscal
2008-12-09Wood 4-1 Overview/ Conclusions Of Modelling Alaskas Fiscal DesignDr. David WoodFiscalDownload pdf478.2 KBfiscal-issuesfiscal
2008-12-09Wood 3-2 Status Of Natural Gas ReservesDr. David WoodFiscalDownload pdf445.3 KBfiscal-issuesfiscal
2008-12-09Wood 2-4 How Are Economic Rents Returns Risks DividedDr. David WoodFiscalDownload pdf3.5 MBfiscal-issuesfiscal
2008-12-09Wood 2-5 Key Features Of The Fiscal DesignsDr. David WoodFiscalDownload pdf673.6 KBfiscal-issuesfiscal
2008-12-09Wood 2-6 Instruments+issues To ConsiderDr. David WoodFiscalDownload pdf496.0 KBfiscal-issuesfiscal
2008-12-09Wood 3-1 Features Recent Evolution Of Alaska's Prevailing Fiscal DesignDr. David WoodFiscalDownload pdf1.8 MBfiscal-issuesfiscal
2008-12-09Wood 2-3 Fiscal StabilityDr. David WoodFiscalDownload pdf1.6 MBfiscal-issuesfiscal
2008-12-09Wood 2-1 Review Of Gas MarketsDr. David WoodFiscalDownload pdf5.0 MBfiscal-issuesfiscal
2008-12-09Wood 2-2 Fiscal LookDr. David WoodFiscalDownload pdf4.6 MBfiscal-issuesfiscal
2008-12-09Wood 1-1 Report ContentsDr. David WoodFiscalDownload pdf126.4 KBfiscal-issuesfiscal
2008-12-09Wood 1-2 Glossary Of TermsDr. David WoodFiscalDownload pdf160.8 KBfiscal-issuesfiscal
2008-12-09Wood 1-0 Executive SummaryDr. David WoodFiscalDownload pdf1.0 MBfiscal-issuesfiscal
2008-12-09Wood Appendix 7 Sensitivity Analysis GPT Alternative MechanismsDr. David WoodFiscalDownload pdf5.7 MBfiscal-issuesfiscal
2008-12-09Wood Appendix 8 Summary BiographyDr. David WoodFiscalDownload pdf108.1 KBfiscal-issuesfiscal
2008-12-09Wood Appendix 6-2 Sensitivity AnalysisDr. David WoodFiscalDownload pdf3.0 MBfiscal-issuesfiscal
2008-12-09Wood Appendix 6-1 Sensitivity AnalysisDr. David WoodFiscalDownload pdf3.2 MBfiscal-issuesfiscal
2008-12-09Wood Appendix 2 Project DeliverablesDr. David WoodFiscalDownload pdf111.9 KBfiscal-issuesfiscal
2008-12-09Wood Appendix 4 Early Year Cost Production ProfilesDr. David WoodFiscalDownload pdf406.3 KBfiscal-issuesfiscal
2008-12-09Wood Appendix 5 Base Case Model AnalysisDr. David WoodFiscalDownload pdf3.0 MBfiscal-issuesfiscal
2008-12-09Wood Appendix 3 Upstream Oil and Gas Fiscal DesignDr. David WoodFiscalDownload pdf3.1 MBfiscal-issuesfiscal
2008-12-09Dan Dickinson PresentationDan DickinsonFiscalDownload pdf1.1 MBfiscal-issuesfiscal
2008-12-09Wood Appendix 1 Scope Of WorkDr. David WoodFiscalDownload pdf123.9 KBfiscal-issuesfiscal
2008-12-09David Wood PresentationDr. David WoodFiscalDownload pdf6.5 MBfiscal-issuesfiscal
2014-04-10David Teal Response to GRS Review of Pay-Go Approach to Retirement FundingDavid TealFiscalDownload pdf46.0 KBfiscal-issuesfiscal
2014-04-04David Teal Response to GRS PERS-TRS Actuary ReviewsDavid TealFiscalDownload pdf79.3 KBfiscal-issuesfiscal
2014-04-04GRS PERS-TRS Actuary ReviewGabriel Roeder Smith & CompanyFiscalDownload pdf416.4 KBfiscal-issuesfiscal
2021-01-19Actuarial Cost Estimates and Projections for Variable PERS/TRS PlansPension Trustee AdvisorsFiscalDownload pdf531 KBfiscal-issuesfiscal
2021-01-19Comparing Flat-Rate Income Tax Options for AlaskaInstitute on Taxation and Economic PolicyFiscalDownload pdf6.4 MBfiscal-issuesfiscal
2021-04-01School District Energy Costs in AlaskaInstitute of Social and Economic Research, Alaska Center for Energy and PowerFiscalDownload pdf649 KBfiscal-issuesfiscal
2021-04-01School District Internet Costs and Access in AlaskaInstitute of Social and Economic ResearchFiscalDownload pdf542 KBfiscal-issuesfiscal