Gasline Proposals

The legislature has held meetings and taken action on a variety of issues related to development of a natural gas pipeline to commercialize the state’s North Slope gas resources.  Here you will find a library of documents on these topics dating back to 2004.

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DateDocument TitleCommitteeAuthorLegislature IssueFileFile Size
2013-10-292008-06-12 Agpa Fairbanks Special Session Joint CommitteeN/A25thProposals525.6 KB
2013-10-292008-06-20 Agpa Spec Sess Jnt CommN/A25thProposals38.7 KB
2013-10-292008-06-12 Angda In-state Gas Special Session Joint CommitteeN/A25thProposals319.7 KB
2013-10-292008-06-20 Angda Rca Statute Changes Spec Sess Jnt CommN/A25thProposals734.4 KB
2013-10-292008-06-20 Anrtl Spec Sess Jnt CommN/A25thProposals2.3 MB
2013-10-292008-06-20 Angda Open Season Spec Sess Jnt CommN/A25thProposals453.9 KB
2013-10-292008-07-09 Agpa Spec Sess Jnt CommN/A25thProposals260.6 KB
2013-10-292008-06-20 Saic Ak Natgas Update Spec Sess Jnt CommN/A25thProposals353.6 KB
2013-10-292008-06 Anrtl PresentationN/A25thProposals11.3 MB
2013-10-292008-06-12 Ak Nat Gas Needs+market 2008 Special Session Joint CommitteeN/A25thProposals664.3 KB
2013-10-292008-06-04 Williams Withdrawn Partner LetterN/A25thProposals43.8 KB
2008-08-11DFG Samuels MemoN/AEllen Simpson25thProposals174.1 KB
2008-08-11DFG Recordable Disclaimer Of Interest RiversN/AEllen Simpson25thProposals415.4 KB
2008-08-11DFG BLM-DNR Kuskokwim Assistance AgreementN/AEllen Simpson25thProposals246.1 KB
2008-07-28PGE Withdrawn LetterN/AFrances Chang25thProposals28.5 KB
2008-07-10TransCanada Workforce Plan - Special Session Joint CommitteeN/AAnthony Palmer25thProposals169.6 KB
2008-07-10Exxon Mobil - Special Session Joint CommitteeN/AExxonMobil25thProposals114.6 KB
2008-06-20SAIC AK Natural Gas - Special Session Joint CommitteeN/AScience Applications International Corporation25thProposals457.3 KB
2008-06-20Enstar - Special Session Joint CommitteeN/AGene Dubay25thProposals597.7 KB
2008-06-20Econ One Potential Liquid Natural Gas Project - Special Session Joint CommitteeN/AEcon One25thProposals1.3 MB
2008-06-20ANRTL - Special Session Joint CommitteeN/AAlaska Natural Gas Development Authority (ANGDA)25thProposals319.7 KB
2008-06-20ANGDA Open Season - Special Session Joint CommitteeN/AAlaska Natural Gas Development Authority (ANGDA)25thProposals453.9 KB
2008-06-19TransCanada AGIA Application - Special Session Joint CommitteeN/AAnthony Palmer25thProposals772.0 KB
2008-06-19SOA AGIA Summary of Findings - Special Session Joint CommitteeN/ACommissioners of the Alaska Departments of Natural Resources and Revenue25thProposals269.0 KB
2008-06-19FERC Press Release Taps Tariff - Special Session Joint CommitteeN/AMary O'Driscoll25thProposals83.4 KB
2008-06-18Gov. Hickel Testimony - Special Session Joint CommitteeN/AWalter Hickel25thProposals126.3 KB
2008-06-18DNR Petrotel Responses - Special Session Joint CommitteeN/AState of Alaska, Department of Natural Resources and PetroTel25thProposals4.3 MB
2008-06-18DNR Gas Reinjection - Special Session Joint CommitteeN/AState of Alaska, Department of Natural Resources25thProposals689.2 KB
2008-06-18Black-Veatch NPV - Special Session Joint CommitteeN/ABlack & Veatch25thProposals1.2 MB
2008-06-18Black-Veatch Methodology Utilized - Special Session Joint CommitteeN/ABlack & Veatch25thProposals499.7 KB
2008-06-17Exxon Pt. Thomson Unit Development - Special Session Joint CommitteeN/ACraig Haymes25thProposals12.1 MB
2008-06-17DNR Pt. Thomson Map - Special Session Joint CommitteeN/ACraig A. Haymes25thProposals749.1 KB
2008-06-17DNR Pt. Thomson Resource Assessment - Special Session Joint CommitteeN/APetroTel Inc.25thProposals509.2 KB
2008-06-17DNR Pt. Thomson Remarks - Special Session Joint CommitteeN/ANan Thompson25thProposals80.2 KB
2008-06-17DNR Acronyms Abbreviations - Special Session Joint CommitteeN/AState of Alaska, Department of Natural Resources25thProposals55.1 KB
2008-06-17Chevron Pt. Thomson Testimony - Special Session Joint CommitteeN/AJohn Zager, Vince LeMieux25thProposals607.5 KB
2008-06-17BP Written Testimony - Special Session Joint CommitteeN/ADoug Suttles25thProposals512.1 KB
2008-06-17AOGCC Testimony - Special Session Joint CommitteeN/ACathy Foerster25thProposals18.8 KB
2008-06-17AOGCC Pt. Thomson Pool Rules - Special Session Joint CommitteeN/AAlaska Oil & Gas Conservation Commission25thProposals19.1 KB
2008-06-17AOGCC North Slope Gas Sales - Special Session Joint CommitteeN/AAlaska Oil & Gas Conservation Commission25thProposals18.8 KB
2008-06-17AOGCC Gas Offtake - Special Session Joint CommN/AAlaska Oil & Gas Conservation Commission25thProposals20.2 KB
2008-06-16RCA - Special Session Joint CommitteeN/AMark Johnson, Janis Wilson25thProposals31.9 KB
2008-06-16FERC Process - Special Session Joint HearingN/AMark Robinson and Jeff Wright25thProposals87.7 KB
2008-06-16Denali Project FERC Letter - Special Session Joint CommN/ABud Fackrell25thProposals243.3 KB
2008-06-14TransCanada Statewide Hearing Presentation - Special Session Joint CommitteeN/AAnthony Palmer25thProposals772.0 KB
2008-06-14SOA AGIA Fairbanks Summary - Special Session Joint CommitteeN/ACommissioners of the Alaska Departments of Natural Resources and Revenue25thProposals269.0 KB
2008-06-13SOA AGIA Written Findings Summary May 2008 - Special Session Joint CommitteeN/ACommissioners of the Alaska Departments of Natural Resources and Revenue25thProposals237.4 KB
2008-06-13DOT Infastructure Improvements Needed - Special Session Joint CommitteeN/AFrank Richards, P.E. Deputy Commissioner25thProposals2.0 MB
2008-06-13DOL AGIA Training Strategic Plan - Special Session Joint CommitteeN/ASen. Click Bishop, Guy Bell, Brynn Keith25thProposals1.3 MB
2008-06-13DNR Explorer View Gas Pipeline - Special Session Joint CommitteeN/ADivision of Oil & Gas25thProposals303.7 KB
2008-06-13Arcadis Employment Modeling - Specials Session Joint CommitteeN/AArcadis25thProposals251.8 KB
2008-06-12Enstar Fairbanks - Special Session Joint CommitteeN/AGene Dubay, Curtis Thayer, Andrew White25thProposals1.2 MB
2008-06-12ANGDA In-State Gas - Special Session Joint CommitteeN/AAlaska Natural Gas Development Authority (ANGDA)25thProposals319.7 KB
2008-06-12ANGDA AK Natural Gas Needs Market 2008 - Special Session Joint CommitteeN/AScience Applications International Corporation25thProposals664.3 KB
2008-06-10LBAC TransCanada Contingent Liability InformationN/ARep. Ralph Samuels25thProposals47.9 KB
2008-06-10LBAC Black-Veatch Info RequestN/ARep. Ralph Samuels25thProposals31.5 KB
2008-06-10Goldman-Sachs TC Financial ReviewN/AGoldman Sachs25thProposals206.2 KB
2008-06-10FERC May 2005 Press ReleaseN/ATamara Young-Allen25thProposals71.6 KB
2008-06-10FERC January 2005 LetterN/APat Wood25thProposals75.9 KB
2008-06-10EPC-WCG Analysis Project CostsN/ABill Sparger, Eric Briel25thProposals170.1 KB
2008-06-10Black-Veatch NPR AnalysisN/ABlack & Veatch25thProposals219.6 KB
2008-06-09Gas Strategies Challenges AK Liquid Natural Gas - Special Session Joint CommN/ARob Fenton25thProposals201.5 KB
2008-06-09Black-Veatch Liquid Natural Gas NPV Analysis - Special Session Joint CommN/ABlack & Veatch25thProposals140.4 KB
2008-06-09Black-Veatch Incentives Mandates - Special Session Joint CommN/AGreg Hopper25thProposals103.2 KB
2008-06-08McArthur-Greenberg Legal Issues Special Session Joint CommN/ASpencer Hosie, Allan Van Fleet25thProposals865.8 KB
2008-06-08DOL AGIA Training Strategic Plan - Special Session Joint CommN/ASen. Click Bishop25thProposals1.5 MB
2008-06-08Arcadis Short-/Long-term Employment - Special Session Joint CommN/AArcadis25thProposals1.1 MB
2008-06-07USGS Natural Gas Exploration Potential - Special Session Joint CommitteeN/ABob Swenson, Dave Houseknecht25thProposals12.1 MB
2008-06-06TransCanada AGIA Application - Special Session Joint CommitteeN/AAnthony Palmer25thProposals999.3 KB
2008-06-06SOA AGIA Statute Rfa Refresher Special Session Joint CommN/AOffice of the Governor25thProposals116.4 KB
2008-06-05Dickinson Special SessionN/ADan Dickinson25thProposals310.5 KB
2008-06-04Williams Withdrawn Partner LetterN/ARep. Ralph Samuels25thProposals89.7 KB
2008-06-04Muse-Stancil Special SessionN/AMuse Stancil25thProposals3.8 MB
2008-06-04Econ One - Special Session Joint CommissionN/AEcon One25thProposals392.4 KB
2008-05-27TransCanada ResponsesN/AAnthony Palmer25thProposals307.9 KB
2008-05-16DNR Pt. Thomson Resource Assessment Study - Special Session Joint CommitteeN/APetroTel Inc25thProposals1.6 MB
2008-05-03LBAC Eighth Request TransCanadaN/ARep. Ralph Samuels25thProposals150.6 KB
2008-05-03LBAC Comm. Irwin Point Thomson RequestN/ARep. Ralph Samuels25thProposals18.5 KB
2008-04-24TransCanada Sgda Term Sheet ResponseN/AAnthony Palmer25thProposals58.1 KB
2008-04-21Williams Withdrawn Partner ResponseN/AJames Bender25thProposals38.5 KB
2008-04-18DNR AGIA License ResponseN/AMarty Rutherford25thProposals82.0 KB
2008-04-11LBAC Gov Palin Full DisclosureN/ARep. Ralph Samuels25thProposals469.4 KB
2008-04-10Econ One TransCanada Presentation AnalysisN/AEcon One25thProposals252.6 KB
2008-04-09Econ One Exxon Mobil AnalysisN/AEcon One25thProposals20.0 KB
2008-04-07Sempra Energy Withdrawn PartnerN/AJavade Chaudri25thProposals559.2 KB
2008-04-07BSA Recent Authorized Equity Returns RoeN/AJohn A. Neri, Ph.D.25thProposals35.6 KB
2008-04-05TransCanada ResponsesN/AAnthony Palmer25thProposals538.1 KB
2008-04-05LBAC Seventh Request Transcanada QuestionsN/ARep. Ralph Samuels25thProposals50.9 KB
2008-04-02TransCanada ResponsesN/AAnthony Palmer25thProposals91.2 KB
2008-04-02LBAC Sixth Request Transcanada QuestionsN/ARep. Ralph Samuels25thProposals35.8 KB
2008-03-28TransCanada ResponsesN/AAnthony Palmer25thProposals684.7 KB
2008-03-27LBAC Fifth Request Transcanada QuestionsN/ARep. Ralph Samuels25thProposals486.1 KB
2008-03-26LBAC Gov AGIA License QuestionN/ARep. Ralph Samuels25thProposals43.0 KB
2008-03-25Porter Memo To Rep. SeatonN/ASteven Porter25thProposals331.9 KB
2008-03-25CERI WCSB Well ScenariosN/ACanadian Energy Research Institute25thProposals93.2 KB
2008-03-25CERI Study 113 Vol 2 AKN/APeter H. Howard P.Eng, David McColl, Dinara Mutysheva, Paul R. Kralovic25thProposals738.3 KB
2008-03-25CERI Study 113 Vol 1 AKN/APeter H. Howard P.Eng, David McColl, Dinara Mutysheva25thProposals1.9 MB
2008-03-25CERI Study 113 Summary Vol 2 AKN/APeter H. Howard P.Eng, David McColl, Dinara Mutysheva, Paul R. Kralovic25thProposals383.0 KB
2008-03-25CERI Study 113 Summary AKN/APeter H. Howard P.Eng, David McColl, Dinara Mutysheva, Paul R. Kralovic25thProposals488.6 KB
2008-03-20TransCanada Responses CN/AAnthony Palmer25thProposals102.5 KB
2008-03-20TransCanada Responses 2BN/AAnthony Palmer25thProposals99.7 KB
2008-03-17Porter AGIA Public Comment AnalysisN/ASteven Porter25thProposals74.9 KB
2008-03-14TransCanada Responses BN/AAnthony Palmer25thProposals83.0 KB
2008-03-14TransCanada Responses A3N/AAnthony Palmer25thProposals61.5 KB
2008-03-14TransCanada Responses AN/AAnthony Palmer25thProposals98.8 KB
2008-03-12LBAC Mogel Neri Rate QuestionsN/ARep. Ralph Samuels25thProposals1.7 MB
2008-03-10BSA AGIA ContractN/AJohn A. Neri, Ph.D.25thProposals368.6 KB
2008-03-06Mid American Withdrawn Partner LetterN/ADavid Sokol25thProposals43.0 KB
2008-03-06LBAC Samuels Agia CommentsN/ARep. Ralph Samuels25thProposals480.5 KB
2008-02-29LBAC Williams Company Withdrawn PartnersN/ARep. Ralph Samuels25thProposals89.7 KB
2008-02-29LBAC Transcanada Data RequestN/ARep. Ralph Samuels25thProposals30.8 KB
2008-02-29LBAC Sempra Withdrawn PartnersN/ARep. Ralph Samuels25thProposals89.4 KB
2008-02-29LBAC PGE Withdrawn PartnerN/ARep. Ralph Samuels25thProposals89.6 KB
2008-02-29LBAC Nisource Withdrawn PartnerN/ARep. Ralph Samuels25thProposals89.8 KB
2008-02-29LBAC Mid American Withdrawn PartnerN/ARep. Ralph Samuels25thProposals89.8 KB
2008-02-29LBAC Loews Withdrawn PartnersN/ARep. Ralph Samuels25thProposals89.6 KB
2008-02-29LBAC Fourth Request TransCanada QuestionsN/ARep. Ralph Samuels25thProposals104.8 KB
2008-02-29LBAC Third Request TransCanada QuestionsN/ARep. Ralph Samuels25thProposals76.2 KB
2008-02-26Porter House Open CaucusN/ASteven Porter25thProposals159.1 KB
2008-02-22TransCanada Response To Legislator RcvN/ATony Palmer25thProposals102.7 KB
2008-02-21AANGT FERC Financial Reports TransCanada Withdrawn Partners ObligationsN/ABill Mogel, Saul Ewing25thProposals32.9 KB
2008-02-19Fifth Report to Congress on Progress Made in Licensing and Constructing the Alaska Natural Gas PipelineN/AFederal Energy Regulatory Commission25thProposals63.2 KB
2008-02-15LBAC Second Request TransCanada QuestionsN/ARep. Ralph Samuels25thProposals73.3 KB
2008-02-11TransCanada Letter from Legislature to GovernorN/AAK Legislature25thProposals66.7 KB
2008-02-06Ewing Executive Order 13202 MemoN/AWilliam A. Mogel, Kate Brewer25thProposals41.4 KB
2008-02-05LBAC First Request TransCanada QuestionsN/ARep. Ralph Samuels25thProposals68.3 KB
2008-02-01Greenberg Traurig MemoN/AKen Minesinger, Don Shepler25thProposals243.7 KB
2008-01-25Ewing Mogel Memo Confirmation Of LiabilityN/AWilliam A. Mogel25thProposals26.8 KB
2008-01-23Ewing Mogel Memo AGIA ComplianceN/AWilliam A. Mogel, Shuchi Batra25thProposals65.9 KB
2008-01-16Ewing Mogel Withdrawn Partners MemoN/AWilliam A. Mogel, Shuchi Batra25thProposals57.3 KB