24th Legislature: 2nd Session, 2nd Special Session, and Interim: June 15, 2006

LB&A Committee Meeting
Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline

June 15, 2006

Full Minutes (Audio)

10:00 AM Committee Meeting on Stranded Gas Development Act

Barry Pulliam, Econ One Research, Inc., Impact of Fiscal Terms (Presentation)
Dr. Jeffrey Leitzinger, Econ One Research, Inc., Evaluating the Fiscal Bargain (Presentation)
Dr. Anthony Finizza, Econ One Research, Inc., LNG Project (Presentation)

Break for Lunch

1:00 PM Daniel Johnston, Legislative Consultant Presentation (Presentation)

Roundtable Discussion

Barry Pulliam, Senior Economist
Dr. Anthony Finnizza, Consultant
Dr. Jeffrey Leitzinger, President

Mr. Dan Dickinson, Consultant,
Mr. Ken Griffith, DNR,
Ms. Bonnie Harris, LAW

Marianne Kah, ConocoPhillips
Bill McCann, Exxon Mobile Corp.
Dave Van Tuyl, BP