Alaska Legislative Budget and Audit Committee

Oil & Gas 2020

The LB&A Committee is tasked with contracting with various consultants to help educate the legislature and public on a variety of issues. Here you will find presentations from the legislature’s work on Oil & Gas discussions.

Aug 6, 2020BP-Hilcorp Transaction State Authority And Regulatory ProcessLB&AWeissler Consulting31st675.7 KBpdf
Mar 2, 2020Report: Analysis of Ballot Initiative 19OGTXLB&AGaffney, Cline & Associates31st257.4 KBpdf
Feb 28, 2020Oil and Gas Training 103LB&AIN3NERGY31st10.8 MBpdf
Feb 27, 2020Presentation: Petroleum Fiscal Regime PlanningHouse EnergyIN3NERGY31st8.4 MBpdf
Feb 26, 2020Presentation: Ballot Initiative 19OGTXHouse ResourcesIN3NERGY31st8.2 MBpdf
Feb 25, 2020Report: Analysis of Ballot Initiative 19OGTXLB&AIN3NERGY31st395.5 KBpdf
Feb 18, 2020Questions for Discussion of BP/Hilcorp TransactionHouse ResourcesIN3NERGY31st1.8 MBpdf
Jan 27, 2020Presentation: Petroleum Fiscal PolicyHouse ResourcesIN3NERGY31st8.7 MBpdf
Jan 23, 2020Oil and Gas Training 102LB&AIN3NERGY31st13.9 MBpdf
Jan 22, 2020Oil and Gas Training 101LB&AIN3NERGY31st23.2 MBpdf