Alaska Legislative Budget and Audit Committee

Oil & Gas 2015-2019

The LB&A Committee is tasked with contracting with various consultants to help educate the legislature and public on a variety of issues. Here you will find presentations from the legislature’s work on Oil & Gas discussions.

May 16, 2019Pegasus Global Holdings, Inc. - AKLNG Megaproject RisksNonePegasus499.8 KBpdf
Feb 22, 2018Dr. Wenran Jiang, Ph.D. Presenter InformationNoneDr. Wenran Jiang, Ph.D.30th2.5 MBpdf
Feb 22, 2018China, LNG, and the Alaska Gas Pipeline Presentation, February 22, 2018NoneDr. Wenran Jiang, Ph.D.30th6.2 MBpdf
May 17, 2017HB 111 Hard Floor: Price Crossover Points Where Loss Recovery Begins, A Supplement to April 27 Presentation, April 28, 2017NoneRoger Marks30th99.3 KBpdf
May 17, 2017Senate CS for CS for HB 111 (Ver C-P): Some Observations, April 27, 2017NoneRoger Marks30th301.7 KBpdf
May 17, 2017Loss Recovery: Under SB 21 and Possible Modifications, April 19, 2017NoneRoger Marks30th117.9 KBpdf
May 17, 2017Evaluation of HB 111, April 15, 2017NoneRoger Marks30th1.8 MBpdf
May 1, 2017Castle Gap Understanding The Impact Of NOLs March 29, 2017NoneCastle Gap30th740.9 KBpdf
May 1, 2017Castle Gap Model Session House Finance, March 24, 2017NoneCastle Gap30th265.7 KBpdf
May 1, 2017Castle Gap Presentation To House Finance, March 23, 2017NoneCastle Gap30th1.5 MBpdf
Apr 11, 2017Petroleum Fiscal Design Model, March 27, 2017NoneCastle Gap30th139.6 KBxlsx
Mar 28, 2017Petroleum Fiscal Design Model Instructions, March 27, 2017NoneCastle Gap30th844.7 KBpdf
Mar 2, 2017Castle Gap Advisors Presentation To House Resources March 1, 2017NoneCastle Gap30th133.6 KBpdf
Feb 28, 2017Castle Gap Advisors Presentation To House Resources February 27, 2017NoneCastle Gap30th685.7 KBpdf
Feb 22, 2017Rich Ruggiero Presentation To House Resources, February 20, 2017NoneCastle Gap30th5.0 MBpdf
Jan 13, 2017Enalytica, AK LNG Review 2014-2016, January 2017Noneenalytica29th117.4 KBpdf
Sep 7, 2016Tax Issues Raised By The AKLNG Project Document - Manley & Brautigam 2016NoneManley & Brautigam29th3.8 MBpdf
Sep 7, 2016JDO - Tax Exempt Financing AKLNG 08-2016NoneJDO29th82.4 KBpdf
Aug 24, 2016enalytica, AK LNG State-led project PowerPoint, August 2016Noneenalytica29th101.5 KBpdf
Aug 24, 2016enalytica, AK LNG State-led project, report, August 2016Noneenalytica29th103.2 KBpdf
Aug 22, 2016Stratas-Analysis of Senate Bill 5005 - 2016 AugNoneStratas29th1.2 MBpdf
Jul 22, 2016enalytica, AK LNG Project Update, July 2016Noneenalytica29th106.9 KBpdf
Apr 15, 2016enalytica, CS SB 130: Key Issues and Assessment, April 14, 2016Noneenalytica29th1.1 MBpdf
Apr 12, 2016enalytica, CS SB 130: Impact Analysis, April 12, 2016Noneenalytica29th368.5 KBpdf
Apr 1, 2016enalytica, Oil & Gas Credits, April 2, 2016Noneenalytica29th1.3 MBpdf
Apr 1, 2016enalytica, HB 247: Key Issues & Assessment, April 1, 2016Noneenalytica29th1.6 MBpdf
Feb 29, 2016enalytica, HB247 Overview - Cook Inlet, February 26, 2016Noneenalytica29th379.3 KBpdf
Feb 25, 2016enalytica, HB 247 Overview H RES, February 25, 2106Noneenalytica29th598.9 KBpdf
Nov 5, 2015enalytica, Firm Withdrawal Terms, November 2015Noneenalytica29th70.6 KBpdf
Nov 4, 2015enalytica presentation, TC in AK LNG, to Senate Finance Committee, October 31, 2015Noneenalytica29th1.0 MBpdf
Oct 29, 2015enalytica presentation, TC in AK LNG, to House Finance Committee, October 29, 2015Noneenalytica29th1.0 MBpdf
Oct 26, 2015enalytica, Report on TransCanada Participation in AK LNG, October 24, 2015Noneenalytica29th180.0 KBpdf
Oct 15, 2015enalytica, AK LNG Seminar Video, September 25, 2015Noneenalytica29th46.0 KBhtml
Sep 25, 2015enalytica, AK LNG Seminar, September 2015Noneenalytica29th4.0 MBpdf
Feb 16, 2015enalytica, AK LNG 101 (report), February 2015Noneenalytica29th241.1 KBpdf
Feb 16, 2015enalytica, AK LNG 101 (presentation), February 2015Noneenalytica29th454.8 KBpdf
Jan 28, 2015enalytica, SRES, AK LNG Project Update, January 2015Senate Resourcesenalytica29th110.9 KBpdf
Jan 28, 2015enalytica, HRES, AK LNG Project Update, January 2015House Resourcesenalytica29th110.9 KBpdf
Jan 27, 2015enalytica, Confidentiality S RES Jan 2015Senate Resourcesenalytica29th54.2 KBpdf
Jan 27, 2015enalytica, O&G Production Tax Credits for S FIN January 2015Senate Financeenalytica29th375.7 KBpdf
Jan 27, 2015enalytica Special Report, Marketing Alaska's Gas from AK LNG - Key Issues, Jan 2015Noneenalytica29th225.3 KBpdf
Jan 27, 2015enalytica Special Report, Impact of Alaska Oil and Gas Production Tax Credits at Low Oil Prices, Jan 2015Noneenalytica29th354.0 KBpdf
Jan 27, 2015enalytica Special Report, How LNG Affects Local Markets, Jan 2015Noneenalytica29th146.9 KBpdf